Everything You Must Know About Chimney Sweep Services!

As a homeowner, you probably try a lot of DIY ideas to avoid the cost of repairs and maintenance. However, when it comes to cleaning a chimney, you should rely on a professional service. Frequent use of the fireplace can lead to the buildup of creosote in the chimney, which is highly flammable. Inefficient or amateur cleaning can lead to serious consequences, including the possible threat of a fire hazard. If you are looking for a reliable chimney cleaning service, you have to check certain essential aspects. In this post, we have mentioned the aspects that need the maximum attention.

Reliability matters

When it comes to chimney cleaning, you need a team of workers and technicians who are experienced at the job. You can check online to find listings, but don’t choose a service right away, until you have checked a few things. A good idea is to ask for references. Talk to your neighbors and local friends to know about the services they have tried so far. In case you are sorting a few names online, you need to check if these companies have good reviews from other customers. It’s unlikely to find complaints on the official websites, but there are many third-party portals, where you can find unbiased reviews.

Check more details

Is the company licensed? Yes, that’s a relevant question, because a lot of these services are fraudulent. You may come across companies that don’t have an office or an address. Beware in such cases, because chimney cleaning is a serious job, and a company must have the required licenses to take up contracts from homeowners. Also, you must check for certification. There are professional bodies that deal with this aspect, and in the US, you should hire a chimney sweep that’s certified by CSIA.

Don’t forget the need for insurance

Workplace mishaps in the service industry are not uncommon. A chimney sweep must have insurance to cover for such mishaps and accidents. If a technician or cleaner is injured at site, the medical bills and other expenses should be a liability of the employer. The company must also have general liability insurance for protecting clients against possible property and other damages. In case the workers break a part of the roof or damage the garden, the service in charge of the contract should deal with the losses and offer full compensation.

Ask for a quote

Ideally, you should clean the chimney of your house at least once every year. However, with frequent use, you may need to keep a regular check on maintenance. Talk to the shortlisted services about their quote, which must include all costs, taxes and other expenses. The concerned service must also offer a service agreement or contract, with all the relevant terms and conditions. Don’t shy away from asking questions related to these terms, and do not sign the papers, unless you have read these aspects in detail.

In case of an emergency cleaning requirement, a professional service should offer assistance within 24 hours.

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