Top 10 Tools Every Homeowner Must Have

Whether you’re thinking of performing a home improvement project yourself or you simply have to accomplish some minor fixing at home, it is crucial to be equipped with the right tools for the job. Regrettably, there are a lot of tools out there. Unless you are mulling the idea of going into the business of home remodeling or renovation, you don’t need all the tools that professionals have. You will only need these top 10 tools every homeowner must have.


1.       Safety gear 

One of the most fundamental tools you will ever need is a pair of safety goggles and the correct pair of gloves. If you can throw in steel toe boots and a helmet, then that should be fine. Otherwise, goggles and gloves will suffice. 

2.       Hammer 

You can opt for power hammers although we recommend these to be reserved for the pros. A good hammer should help you drive nails, flatten things, and even pull out nails from various structures. 

3.       Screwdrivers 

Again, there are now handy power tools that come with screwdriver attachment. If you have the budget for it, you can actually invest in a good power tool then simply purchase various attachments according to your needs. However, it always makes sense to have both a flat tip and a Philips screwdriver in your tool box. 

4.       Tape measure 

You can use the built-in ruler in your smartphone; but honestly, how sure are you using your smartphone measuring the distance between two nails on your ceiling? A retractable steel tape measure should really be nice. 

5.       Saws 

Most would recommend getting a circular saw. If you’ve got the money, then go for it. If not, an ordinary handsaw is enough. For metals and plastics, you might need a hacksaw. 

6.       Drill 

Working on concrete can be quite challenging if you don’t have a power drill and a variety of bits. You can still use the old method of chiseling away at wood or concrete but this will demand absolute concentration and skill from you. 

7.       Pliers 

You’ll need straight and long-nose pliers to hold and cut wires. Sometimes these can also be used for holding other DIY project essentials. 

8.       Level 

Mounting frames and fixtures on the wall requires that they be parallel or perpendicular to the ground. Unless you’re highly skilled in making accurate estimates as to the evenness of a particular structure, you’ll definitely need a level for this or you may purchase one from any local Houston roof repair company. 

9.       Ladder 

Reaching the roof or any fixture from a height requires a ladder or, at the very least, a step stool. 

10.   Utility knife 

You need a cutting tool that can work its wonder through almost anything. From scoring to trimming to cutting, a utility knife should do the trick. The point is to get one that is comfortable to hold yet super strong and durable that it can cut through anything.

These are just 10 of the most important tools you need to have as a homeowner. Start investing in these now so you’ll have greater success with your home improvement projects.

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