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What Is Polished Plaster and How Is it Used?

Polished plaster makes it possible to have a beautiful wall finish that replicates the look of traditional Italian-type plasters. Therefore, this type of plaster can represent one of various beautiful textures and finishes. You can choose from more rustic textures or opt for sophisticated looks such as those featured by Venetian plaster.

The Appeal of Polished Plaster Designs

Polished plaster in Perth is normally featured on interior walls or ceilings. What makes this plaster a cut above other plasters is the look it conveys. When this finish is applied, it takes on the look of polished limestone, marble, or travertine. The plaster is applied over a base coat and primer in one to as many as four layers. A steel trowel is used to burnish the finish to a one-of-a-kind polish and gleam. After the plaster dries, a layer of wax is used to seal the finish.

A type of polished plaster, Venetian plaster is used on walls and ceilings and is a plaster that is combined with marble dust and applied with a trowel. When it is applied properly, Venetian plaster showcases a finish that is marble-like and solid. Therefore, this type of plaster product is often seen on surfaces that cannot easily accommodate actual marble. In some instances, Venetian plaster is used as a substitute for surfaces where the use of real marble would be too cost-prohibitive.

Venetian plaster can be tinted using a colourant, which is something that is done in cases where a certain coloured marble look is wanted. Needless to say, you can update your home or another living or work space at an economical price and obtain the same look as a more costly finish.

Request a Free Quote Online

If you wish to have this type of work done, you can request a free quote online. You might say that decorating with polished plaster opens you up to a large range of decorating possibilities that extend to the interior and exterior of your property. Besides Venetian plaster, you can also obtain polished looks in stucco, Marmorino, lime washes, and liquid wax. Usually, you can receive a guarantee of five years on these types of finishes. However, most of these finishes last around a decade.

In addition, you can select from coarse or rough finishes or finishes that are smooth and mirror-like in their effect. That way, you can incorporate this finish easily into your decorating scheme. If you have the plaster applied to an interior wall, it usually takes several hours to complete the work.

As you can see, this type of finishing solution can enhance the looks of your home at a lower price and will serve you well whether it is placed inside or outside your house. Look at the selections today for yourself and see what type of finish you prefer for your d├ęcor.

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