When to Hire A Professional to Check Your Roof

If you’re a homeowner, one of the areas that you may neglect to check on regularly is your roof.  It can be a hassle to climb up there and as long as you have not been experiencing any noticeable leaks, you may be pushing off any routine inspections or maintenance.  Spring is the best time of year to have your roof inspected.  Your home was a big investment.  If you want it to hold up well over time, it is recommended to get an annual inspection to be sure everything is in good shape.

You may be a handy person and want to inspect the roof yourself to save some money, but there is sometimes damage that is not readily visible to the untrained eye.  A professional roofer will be checking for more than just visible cracks, leaks, or wear.  They will look for wear or damage related to the structure of your roof, its materials, the interior, and workmanship.  If your home is older, there is likely to be more wear that you would not notice from a simple visual inspection.  Many professional roofers offer inspections for free, so if you do a little research, you may be able to avoid any fees at all and in the process, have peace of mind that your home’s roof is strong, ready for another year.

Right after Winter is the best time to spot weak points and damage.

Winter is when your roof is likely to see the most wear each year.  When it snows, your roof has to support the extra weight and it also has to endure water damage that may occur as the snow melts.  Spring is the best time to spot seasonal damage.  The warmer weather makes it easier to get up there and an inspector will be able to easily identify smaller cracks, water damage, or missing/loose shingles.  Addressing seasonal damage sooner rather than later will also help keep any rot, leaks, or other issues from becoming worse.  The warmer weather will offer a more comfortable working environment for your roofer, allowing any require repairs to be done efficiently.

Your roof will last longer.  

Getting Spring roof inspections will prolong the lifespan of your roof.  Neglecting your roof will allow damage to worsen and in the end, you’re very likely going to spend more money fixing problems.  Strengthening weak areas regularly (annually) will slow the overall deterioration of your roof.  Any roof will wear over time, but regular maintenance each Spring will keep you from having to do major repairs or replacements until later down the line.  Spring also tends to be the rainiest season, so it’s best to address any weak points or leaks before you end up with interior damage as well.

Spring is a slow season.

Believe it or not, most people put off roofing repairs until much later in the year, primarily Summer or early Fall.  Get a head start and contact your roofer in the Spring.  Scheduling an inspection would be easier and roofers are more likely to be able to schedule repair work around your schedule.

While it may seem inconvenient to have an inspection done annually, it is extremely important to treat your roof with care.  Repairs or replacements can be very costly, so tending to your roof before any damage becomes extensive can greatly help you in the long run.  Make sure to check for any weather damage, especially if your area experienced a harsh winter.  Some water damage caused by snowfall may not appear until a thorough inspection has been done.  Have a roofer check the insulation to ensure you won’t have any problems during the rainy season.

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